10 things to do while social distancing

10 things to do while social distancing

Social distancing? Depending on your circumstances, you might have a lot of time at your disposal. Or you are having to work from home plus taking care of your family. We are all in this together, and during my time social distancing, I've found a few resources, tips, and blog posts beneficial to cope with while staying put home. Here they are in no particular order, and I hope you find them helpful too!

1: Let' be together alone. Join me at Kalos online church every Sunday.  Kalos church exists to make known the beauty of Jesus. Check us out.

2: Journal about your experience with social distancing. Download my free printable journal pages and write away.

3: Join the Haiku Global project. Write haikus with people around the world!

 4: This Bible study led by Erika Michelle from "A Symphony of Praise" website is life-giving. So timely for the times we are living in now.

5: Are you going to Zoom parties? Download a cool backdrop for your Zoom meetings.

6: If you are grieving during social distancing, read this blog post.

7: Invent something! Kickstarter is calling all creators to launch a small project that you can plan, run, and complete from home.

8: Make something cool. Checkout this online class on how to make a beautiful bracelet.

9: Are you considering counseling during social distancing? Read this now. 

10: Update your iphone wallpaper and memorize 1 Corinthians 1 :7

What are you doing during social distancing? I'd love to hear from you.


10 things to do while you are social distancing

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