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Art Therapy Blog Post - Priorities Planner 2020

Are you stressed out? (Who isn't.) If so, do you plan to take a moment to yourself?  Do you read? Do you draw? Maybe color? I've designed a few abstract coloring pages, to decompress and relax in between work tasks. 

Art Therapy - Priorities Planner 2020

The idea behind my "art therapy" page is to give you plenty of freedom to decide if you'd like to color, or if you print the page on cardstock, you could use watercolors or pastels and give you a starting point for art inspiration.

You could cut the shapes and create a collage of your own. The main point is to do something that doesn't involve a lot of thinking but instead, allow yourself to take a break, be creative and practice "art therapy."

Art Therapy - Printable Blog Post - Beautiful Word Blog

Here is another iteration you could use to relax and welcome creativity in your life. You might be asking yourself how did I come up with this idea? The art therapy printables idea came to when I read a blog post on creativity

How do you remain creative? Or is this something completely new to you?

Art Therapy Free Printable - Beautiful Word Blog

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