Finding balance - Priorities planner free printable

Finding balance - Priorities planner free printable

Hi! Do you have trouble prioritizing your day? What you should get done first? Do you get easily distracted? Jumping from one task to another? Only to have many unfinished tasks and a feeling that nothing got done. I feel this way a lot until I started using my priorities planner © printable. In fact, I used it today for the first time and accomplished all my tasks for the day finding balance.

First, a little background at why I designed my Priorities planner © printable. Somewhere, some long time ago, I was at Church or retreat and heard the speaker explain how, as Christians, we should prioritize our day in a way that glorifies God. The priorities were organized like this: 

1) God (Put God first every day)
2) Spouse (You have a covenant with your spouse, and he is a gift from God.)
3) Kids (if you have kids, children are a blessing from God.)
4) Ministry (volunteering at Church, or telling others about Jesus, or any ministry.)
5) Work
6) Hobbies 

2020 Planner - Priorities free printable how to use

Does this make sense to you? In the Bible, it says to love your God with all your heart, mind, and soul and love your neighbor as yourself. If I choose to love God with all my heart, then I will put Him first throughout my day. 

So today, I applied this order of priorities, and I got so much done. In fact, I got everything done. I completed a few tasks and started other tasks I've been procrastinating for a while.

1) Instead of getting online early in the morning and browse Pinterest, I picked up my Bible and had a short quiet time.

2) Going in order, the hubs was next. He wasn't at home, but I prayed for him and his new job responsibilities. Then I prayed for my three kids and took care of my youngest who was sick at home with me.

3) Ministry? I got stuck here a little bit. I volunteer on Sundays at my Church, and today was Monday. So I couldn't do "ministry" right away. But instead, I remembered I have an outline due to my pastor next week. The draft is a brief description of what I'm going to share in Church next week for a sermon series about relationships.

4) Work. Work can mean many different things, I stay at home with the kids, so I'm not working outside the house, but I have to take care of my home, plan meals (to keep my sanity) pay a few bills, etc.

5) Hobbies? I used to craft, but I don't anymore. Instead, I launched a store with inspirational quotes, Christian products. I designed my priorities planner © sheet and planned for a few blog posts for the coming months.

Yay, I got everything done except exercise (my daughter was sick at home, and I didn't get out of the house.)

How would your day go if you follow the order of my priorities planner © printable? First, you could get up extra early and read your Bible. Then you could pray for your immediate family. Followed by planning to help a friend or any other ministry you can think of. Later, you could try to leave for work, but before that, try to do a 5-minute pick of your bedroom or anywhere to keep the mess at bay. Does this make sense? After work you could go to yoga, or the gym. 

Please tell me under comments about how you would use my priorities planner © printable. I would love to hear from you!

Download my priorities planner © printable here.


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